I'm a freelance journalist in Atlanta.

I love a good story. I cover a wide range of subjects, but my specialties are in city design/planning, business, and death (including funerals and cemeteries). I also occasionally write about food, and I can’t pass up a good profile.

I spent months and miles reporting on a major pipeline project's effects on the home of the largest Native American community east of the Mississippi River. I also wrote a deep dive on the future of north Atlanta’s most affordable cities. I was named a 2018 Rising Star by the News Media Alliance.

I've written since I was 16. After graduating from the University of Georgia, I lived in France, where I taught English to high school students and perfected my French. It was in my cozy, oven-less kitchen where I learned how to cook crepes and binge on baguettes.

If you want to learn more about me, check out this interview talking about my work. If you're interested in pitching a story idea, working together, networking, having me speak, or anything else, contact me.